Manga Releases: April 4, 2017

Tokyo Ghoul 12

Sui Ishida’s fantastic urban horror series, Tokyo Ghoul, should need no introduction, but let’s give it one anyway. Ghouls walk among us, feasting on our flesh in nighttime. For years, first-year student Ken Kaneki, was, like us, merely one of their potential victims. Then fate struck. Ken was attacked. He survived, but became something other than human yet not quite ghoul: a half-ghoul with a ghoulish craving for human meat. Tokyo Ghoul, which is a completed series, follows Ken as he discovers the hidden world of ghouls and becomes entangled in a conflict between ghouls and their foil, the anti-ghoul organization known as the Commission of Counter Ghoul. Very recommended.

Naruto Omnibus 18

One of manga’s so called Big Three, along with its ageless shonen siblings, One Piece and Bleach, Naruto is a must read. It’s long, but it’s also over, which means you can pick it up knowing there’s an end in sight, even if volumes away. ┬áIn terms of story, Naruto is one of the purest examples of shonen you can find: a boy desires to become the best ninja. To do so, he goes on adventures and, most of all, he fights.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations 1

Did I say Naruto was over? Well, that’s technically true because this is Boruto, Naruto’s son! (Yes, eye roll.) It’s essentially the same thing as Naruto, except that, to quote an online review, it’s “mediocre as fuck.” Still, if you want more Naruto, give it a chance. Getting into a series at the beginning is one of the spevial joys of mangahood, and you can always quit. Do read Naruto first, though. Best ninja gotta best ninja.

Other Releases

  • Assassination Classroom 15

  • Food Wars! 17

  • Rurouni Kenshin (3-in-1) 2

  • 7thGARDEN 4

  • Animal Land 12

  • Haikyuu!! 10

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