Manga Releases: April 11, 2017

Fairy Tail 59

The notion of the “Big Three” manga, namely the shonen One Piece, Naruto and Bleach, was always a tenuous concept, but it was truly with the end of Naruto and rise of Fairy Tail that the proverbial wrench inserted itself into the Big Three machine. Simplistically, a spot was vacated; spots exist to be filled; and of all the candidates, Fairy Tail has the greatest claim to sit beside the other ongoing classics as one of the most popular and greatest manga series of all time. Much like its pair of older brothers, Fairy Tail is a shonen manga filled with adventure and comedy, set in a magical world rife with wonder, secrets and the raw potential for many an epic story arc. The world is one of guilds, the greatest of which is the titular Fairy Tail, and the two main characters are young and colorful: Natsu, a reckless mage searching for his dragon father, and Lucy Heartfilia, who desires to become a wizard and join Fairy Tail! There’s never a bad time to get into a series as good as Fairy Tail.

Nekogohara: Stray Cat Samurai 3

If you fancy something a little less popular and a little more off the beaten path than Fairy Tale, take a stab at Nekogohara: Stray Cat Samurai, Hiroyuki Takei’s stylish series chronicling the travels (and travails) of a one-eyed and masterless samurai cat. The series began in September 2015, and the third volume is now available in English translation.

Itsuwaribito 20

An itsuwaribito is apparently one who masters the art of theft. Itsuwaribito is an underrated shonen action manga by Yuuki Iinuma starring Utsuho, a boy from a small Japanese village who was honest once and it didn’t end well, so he’s decided not to tell the truth again. What results is a manga of battle and psychological battle, and the fun of living along with a character who lies, tricks and deceives, sometimes for the anarchic lulz of it. (But mostly he uses it for good!) If you like Naruto or similar manga and you haven’t yet tried Itsuwaribito, what are you still doing here?

Princess Jellyfish 4

Let’s step away from shonen for a few minutes and crack open a josei manga. Better yet, let’s start with a contemporary classic. Akiko Higashimura’s Princess Jellyfish is about Tsukumi, an illustrator and lover of jellyfish who moves to Tokyo to pursue an arts career. She takes up in a building with an all-women rule, only to discover that one of the inhabitants may not be much of a woman. Hijinks and heart ensue.

Also Out


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